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the economy. and since the days of henry ford, the american auto industry kept its hand on the wheel and its foot on the accelerator. detroisold the big car. and american drivers bought it. high gas mileage didn't mean much to people used to 30 cent gas. 1973 changed that. war in the middle east and an oil embargo were followed by short supplies, gas lines, and skyrocketing prices. higher gas prices de datsunsan. to some, importing japanese cars meant exporting american jobs. so why not just cut imports to save jobs? for drivers, cars are transportation. but in detroit, cars are jobs, good jobs, and lots of them. for auto workers, more imports would mean more layoffs, often permanent layoffs, and a search for new work by men and women who had spent their lives on the assembly line. president douglas fraser of the powerful auto workers union took the workers' case to washington. his members and their employers needed protection from their japanese competitors. protecting auto workers and the auto industry made little sense to believers in free trade, like economist robt crandall of the brooki
in germany the country's central bank has forecast even brighter days ahead for europe's biggest economy despite losing steam in the third quarter the bushes and has raised its projection german economy to grow as much as half a percent this year. in twenty fourteen it sees one point seven percent growth and that could rise to two percent in twenty fifty what is on president pointed to the country's low unemployment rates increased hiring and study. find out all the years went down on the markets returned to our reporter because i was. it stopped an optimistic outlook for the german economy from the united states is well positive data came in which shows that the recovery of the economy there is stronger than anticipated. contrary to the tenancy all week the market did not take this as an opportunity to be concerned about the potential he only on phasing out of the monetary stimulus by the center backs. nope the dax is up again and with it. the hopeful of the year end rally is back again which is the hope that stock prices hero will be rising with the end of the year. i am trying to say
. not much of these. i actually found its way through the economy soul. if we are to duel in alterations similar to the ot i roll. we want to make sure that this is being used for the economy. some regulations went into juice funds to banks but i can't actually see the problem lending it out. now the ecb is holding back on intervening. it's cute explanation for that was obscured. we have not identify. and mostly the various and numerous easter is sweet that one specific instrument in the discussion we had today the weekend that we had a brief discussion about native deposit rates by the close of grief. the economic recovery has slimmed down on the razor and ecb kept its key interest rate unchanged on testing. it also expecting me a very slight rise in inflation between now and twenty fifteen. a quick look at the movement of the markets today signing in frankfurt the dax was down by about six tenths of a percent to nineteen eighty four that killed some fifty down by a bit more one point two nine over new york the dow jones industrial average is still trading at down the river percent of t
to regional deals. addwto says the deal could $1 trillion to the global economy. >> it is so agreed. >> the agreement is a milestone for the wto. it is their first global trade deal since his creation in 1995. >> for the first time in our history, the wto has truly delivered. >> the deal will lower trade barriers and speed up the passage of goods through customs. most importantly, its terms apply not to just rich industrialized states but also the poor developing countries. analysts estimate that it could boost the global economy by hundreds of billions of dollars. >> we have achieved something very significant. people all around the world will benefit from the package you have delivered here today. >> some critics say the agreement could prevent poor countries from setting their own priorities in areas like environmental action, workers rights, and food security. negotiations dragged into a next her day after there were last requests from individual countries. cuba objected to a removal of the reference of the u.s. trade embargo, and india objected reservations to feed it subsidize
. the wto says the bali deal could add one trillion dollars. the global economy. it is so great people you need is a milestone for the wto. it marks the organization's first global trade deal since its creation in nineteen ninety five for the first time in our history the wto has truly the limit the deal will lower trade barriers and speed up the passage of goods through customs. most importantly its terms apply not just to reach industrialized states and also the poor developing countries. analysts estimate it could boost the global economy by hundreds of billions of dollars. we have achieved something very significant. people all roam the world will benefit from the beckett who have delivered here today. but some critics say the agreement could prevent or countries from setting their own priority areas like environmental protection workers rights and food security. negotiations dragged into an extra day after last minute legal threats from individual countries. he objected to the removal of a reference to the us trade embargo and india objected to provisions that might stop it from stock
reports that the economy in brazil during the third quarter have contracted more than anticipated. jessica left and came under pressure significantly because this tuesday prosecutors raided forty branches of the time all of the journey. at the headquarters of the mass pike in frankfurt the suspicion is that commands are helped and italian insurance company to sell life insurance policies cars could use to evade taxes and to do with money daunting. if the allegations but come to the financial sector in europe would have another large scale scandal i was in frankfurt. here's a quick look at the numbers from the market starting in frankfurt the dax was down by about two percent to ninety two twenty three cents. us stocks fifty over two percentage points down thirty thirteen advantage over in new york dow jones industrial average was also down. trading right now cause to present it to one percent down fifteen eight seventy one year was actually up against the dollar though one thirty five ninety eight jonathan has been one of the first time since nineteen ninety seven. like that may indicate t
iusiesbigger ca. to exploit what economistsall economies of scale. as he increased oduction, his average costs per car fe, enabling him to lower the price and expand production. second expandingased e amount of machinery, plant, and equipmenteach la. this was an increase in the capital/labor ratio it was exemplified this wby those cs,chai, and dris in the capital/labor ratio that his workers used. thirdly, he did everything in new ways. andesigned a different intced a novemeodof procti- e assembly line. he was, according the gre, intan entrepreneurf procti- e asit has been said thatankee know-how made america gat. henry ford was one yankee who did know how. space. the race to reach beyond the limits of this planet capturedhe country's imagination in the 1960s. for decades americans have supported a mar investment in the space program anits accomplishments, like communications satellites. how does thissatellitescame, far-out technologynts, come down to simple dollars and cents? early is century, tecommunicatio went where wires went. fiiraculously, across the street, teomity cit teco
that financial markets to reward of the cities of the real economy. i'm not in vain to stop a few. the banks are accused of conspiring to fix benchmark interest rates increasing their profits at the expense of the customers take treats on both britain's libel. every day individual banks amid pages of the bridges bankers association. showing the interest rates that are going to lend money to other banks. they sustained used to calculate the light low interest rates the manipulation was easy traders and bank employees committed to falsify rates and line their pockets markets and ubs were also embroiled in the manipulation scandal. that both dogs fines by being the first to inform eu authorities of the collusion. and the eu competition authority says that's not the end of the story begins daily hundred of its biggest point of a twenty city was looking into yet another banking scandal. several international banks are also being investigated for allegedly fixing currency exchange rates. sunday could see further action from the european commission to get the big banks to clean up their act and pla
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)